Code of Ethics

Lisa is all for throwing convention to the wind when it comes to weddings however there is of course a serious side to getting married.

Whilst planning your ceremony, Lisa will guide you through all the legal requirements to ensure not only everything goes smoothly on the day but that your marriage is of course legal!

Lisa adheres to the Celebrant Code of Conduct and as a member of the Australia Federation of Civil Celebrants, she is obliged to their Code of Ethics also.

Fully insured, Lisa attends all the mandatory ongoing professional development training, which ensures she stays on top of her game.

Did you know that, by law, a Celebrant is required to ensure that the ceremony is audible for all your guests – be it 5 or 50! Lisa have her own Public Address (P.A.) System that is compact and portable so everyone that needs to hear will and, if required, can play music for your ceremony as well via Bluetooth Technology! We have the power!

Legal requirements to get married in Australia:

❤  You must be over 18 years of age
❤  Your Celebrant is required to sight your original birth certificate / Australian passport if you were born in Australia, or your overseas passport if you were born outside Australia.
❤  If born overseas, you must also provide your birth certificate translated into English (if not already in English!)
❤  You must give your Celebrant at least one calendar month’s notice of your intended marriage. Your Celebrant can provide the Notice of Intended Marriage Form (NOIM) or you can download yourself here however you still need to present it to your Celebrant a minimum of ONE month before your wedding date.
❤  If either of you have previously been married your Celebrant will need to sight your Divorce Certificate and/or if either of your spouses are deceased, their Death Certificates
❤  On the day of your marriage you must have two witnesses over the age of 18

If you are having a Destination Wedding in Australia, then you may find that your country will require you to have an Apostille Stamp on your official Australian Marriage Certificate to recognise your marriage in your own country. Please contact your own government agency that records marriages in your country to confirm requirements. To find the local Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) office closest to where you will be spending time in Australian, please visit the DFAT Website.