How long has Unveiled been established?

Unveiled Weddings and Events was launched at the end of 2012 and since then Lisa has had the great pleasure in being a part of Weddings, Vow Renewals and Commitment Ceremonies. Lisa would love to talk to you about how you both see your day!


How are you different to other Celebrants?

Every Celebrant brings their own flair to a ceremony. Everyone is different, and everyone wants a ceremony that is not only unique, but meaningful to both yourselves as the couple & the family and friends sharing your day! Lisa is flexible and is open to your suggestions – after all, this is your day! Lisa will help you craft a beautiful ceremony that celebrates you, your partner and your own unique styles.


Are you a confident speaker?

It’s not always an easy task to speak to a group of people, and a group of 70 strangers, well, for some, that can be terrifying! Lisa credits her love for drama classes, her time at Clown School (yes, Lisa went to clown school & she can teach you how to eat fire!) and just her love to talk (she’s Italian!) with her confidence, speaking clearly and engaging your guests with a smile on her face throughout your ceremony.


We’ve been to a few weddings and the Celebrant seems to be “just doing their job”? What is your style?

Lisa is someone with a wide smile, an open heart and a friendly manner. You can be confident that Lisa is presented well with a positive attitude to bring a little bit of extra sparkle to your day!


We want a ceremony that reflects us but have no idea where to start. Will you help us?

Absolutely! That’s what Lisa does best; help you craft your special day into one that you will remember. Lisa can offer suggestions for your ceremony including different rituals, cultural traditions or simply telling the story on how you met and fell in love can be incorporated into your unique ceremony.


We are concerned we might get a little stage fright on the day, especially with everyone looking at us and the pressure for “The Perfect Day”. Will you offer suggestions on how to stay calm?

You can trust that Lisa will take control if something seems to go awry! Lisa will stay calm, relaxed & focused to keep your ceremony on track orchestrating your ceremony to perfection. Any hiccups and nobody will suspect it wasn’t all just a part of the plan!


Do you have your own equipment or is this something we need to supply?

Did you know that, by law, a Celebrant is required to ensure that the ceremony is audible for all your guests – be it 5 or 50! Lisa has her own Public Address (P.A.) System that is compact and portable so everyone that needs to hear will and, if required, can play music for your ceremony as well via Bluetooth Technology! We have the power!


What type of couples book you?

Great question! Lisa has been lucky to work with a varied selection of couples however typically find that it is couples that are celebrating encore weddings or getting married later in life that want her to be a part of their day.


What are your qualifications?

Lisa studied the Cert IV in Celebrancy with Academy of Celebrancy Australia and was appointed by the Attorney General as a Civil Marriage Celebrant in June 2013. Lisa is currently registered to officiate at your wedding.  Good news, yes?


Are you a part of any Associations?

Yes indeed. Lisa is a member of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants which is the largest national association of professional celebrants with over 1,700 members and National Committee representatives for all States and Territories.


Will you take care of all the legal requirements for our ceremony?

Your marriage should be one of the most fabulous days of your life, however yes, there is a very serious side to the day too. Marriage is a legally binding contract, and it is Lisa’s role as your Celebrant to be responsible in ensuring all paperwork is compliant and accurate. Did you know that there are certain statements which must be included in your ceremony to make it legal? Lisa will help you include these into your personalized vows; and let’s not forget the paperwork! There are official forms you need to complete and you can rest assured that Lisa will ensure all forms are lodged in plenty of time, all legal requirements are satisfied and that your marriage certificate is correctly completed with no question to the validity of your marriage. Once you are wed, you are wed!


Can we get married anywhere in Australia?

Yes! A remote island, in a hot air balloon, on a boat, in a garden or on a beach; an authorized Civil Celebrant is able to perform a ceremony anywhere in Australia! And if it’s a fabulously fun island, Lisa might not even charge a travel fee 😉


Do we need to be an Australian citizen to get married in Australia?

No. Anyone can get married in Australia as long as you are over the age of 18 and not legally married. If you are having a destination wedding in Australia your marriage will be recognized in your own country however strongly suggest that you confirm this with your own government agency which records marriages in your country as you may require an Apostille Stamp on your official Australian Marriage Certificate to recognise your marriage in your country. To find the local Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) office closest to where you will be spending time in Australian, please visit the DFAT Website.


So how much notice do we have to give to get married in Australia?

By law, your Celebrant MUST receive your Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form a minimum of one calendar month before you wedding date. In exceptional circumstances the Registrar may approve a shortening of time for the ‘Notice’. For more information on this, please visit the Attorney-General’s Website


Okay, you sound like the Celebrant for us however we have a few more questions. Can we contact you?

Yes! Lisa would love for you to contact her with any questions you have. So Contact Lisa today to chat!


We want to book our first meeting with you? How can we do this?

Easy! Click on the Contact Lisa button below, fill out the form with all your details and Lisa will contact you to confirm the time and date to discuss your big day. Not in Brisbane? That’s ok, we can Skype or arrange a time to set up our first official phone call.