Wedding Ceremony

An intimate ceremony or fabulously grand occasion, Lisa will craft your ceremony that is not only unique but meaningful to both yourselves as the couple and the family and friends sharing your day! Lisa is flexible and open to your suggestions and ideas on how you see your wedding ceremony – after all, this is your day! Lisa will help you craft a beautiful ceremony that celebrates you, your partner and your own unique styles.


Vow Renewal Ceremony

Hit a significant wedding anniversary milestone and want to let the world that you would do it all again? Then a Vow Renewal Ceremony is for you! It’s also a fabulous way to celebrate your marriage with family and friends that have supported you both throughout your relationship. Say “I do!” again!


Commitment Ceremony

Whether you are a same sex couple or simply a couple that feels that the legalities of an actual marriage is not for them, a Commitment Ceremony allows couples to gather those near and dear together to celebrate and express in a formal way!


Elopement Ceremony

Decided that a big wedding is not for you & want to avoid the fanfare with just the briefest of ceremonies? Or maybe you are having a destination wedding overseas however still require a legal ceremony in Australia? On the beach, at your house or somewhere that holds special meaning to you as a couple, grab your two best friends and let’s elope!